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Brianne D. Wednesday September 14, 2011
I live in Indiana and everytime I would go to texas to visit my sister I always made room in my suitcase to stock up on my favorite candles. When I heard that your candles were back and sold online I was so excited! After 3 years of trying many candles, I still can't find any candles that burn as well as yours! Can't wait to have that smell in my home again :
From: Carmel, IN
Tracy B. Wednesday September 14, 2011
Ecstatic...isn't even an adequate word to describe how excited The Rusty Bucket was to hear that you were back in candle production! Owning a retail store for over 8 yrs. I have tried countless candle lines. A customer, now employee first introduced me to your candles,& my first thought was "here we go again, different name but same candle". Well I was very mistaken, that was years ago, and I have never looked back, and only carry Williamson County Candles! As they say the rest is history, I am so blessed Melissa you crossed my path thru Beth. Your candles deliver the fragrant smell, they are longlasting, and they are SOY! I got everything I was looking for in a candle to sell in my store! Great job, keep up the great quality that you were blessed to discover! Thanks again, Tracy Bradfield The Rusty Bucket Boerne, Texas
From: United States
Carla S. Thursday April 14, 2011
This is weird. I just finished telling a friend about the wonderful WC Candles and how much we miss them. Lo and behold, you're back! My daughter and I who were among those who would have offered help to keep your candles around during your sabbatical are so thrilled!
From: Georgetown

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