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Williamson County Candle Company takes great care and pride in our soy wax products. We feel that each and every item we sell is a direct reflection of our company.  Each candle and melt is hand made to the highest standards and detail using only premium soy wax and the finest oils available. The end result is a safe, highly-scented, beautifully clean burning candle that WCCC is very proud to offer our customers.  The strength of our candles is nothing short of amazing.  Many customers say they simply take the lid off of their candles and the scent fills the room without even having to light it.

WCCC began in November of 1999 in my home.  I tried to order some candles for Christmas presents and was not able to get them from the company.  I thought, "What the heck.  I can try making them."  Little did I know that decision would be a momentous one!  I made Grandma's Kitchen candles for my friends and family that year.   After Christmas was over, I received calls from people who received a candle, and they were asking for more.  In addition to that, people who were over at the candle recipients' houses called and asked how they could order one.   The rest is, as they say, history.

WCCC took shape only after MANY months of testing. I spent a few weeks shy of a year testing, testing, and testing again.  Candles can be dangerous if not made properly, so in addition to quality, safety is always a very important concern.

I have been blessed with a wonderful company because of my amazing customers.  WCCC simply would not be what it is today without support of our clients.  So if you have bought one candle or many more than one (you know who you are!), thank you tremendously for the part you have played in my business.

Now go burn a WCCC candle...we'll make more!

- Melissa

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